Our Purpose

ACT International, Inc.
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ACT (III) Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to utilize the generosity of a network of global givers to raise funds to solve a problem. What we do as an organization is that we seek out projects that we have an expertise in and a passion for to solve or correct a current problem or situation. We find a project and analyze a solution that we can then deploy our capital to. Furthermore, we maintain complete control until we have brought about a resolution to the challenge.

What we do not do is just hand out our giver’s money without a complete, detailed and structured plan of resolution. We address the core issues: what is the problem, how are you going to fix it, and what will prevent this from happening again. After thorough assessment and we see that the cause is within our expertise and ability, we will take on this challenge to successful completion.

This concept and vision is truly amazing. The power in the numbers is the defining factor. Asking for a very small money gift from a lot of caring generous givers on a global basis can move mountains. The possibilities are truly unlimited. This is our purpose and this is what we do as an organization.